Silent Space Initiative – Switch off in the gardens

Silent Space Initiative – Switch off in the Gardens 
Date: Wednesdays in the Walled Garden
Time: 2pm-4pm

Take some time for quiet reflection in the gardens each Wednesday as they pass into peaceful silence in partnership with Silent Space. It can be difficult to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and often even when we escape to beautiful surroundings they can still be busy and noisy. Castle Kennedy Gardens is arresting and tranquil at any time, but once a week we ask visitors to turn off their phones, and depart from outside distractions to truly unwind. 

The Silent Space scheme inspires visitors to appreciate their surroundings without the distraction of social media and conversation, and it is also good for us. Research indicates that quiet time outdoors is beneficial to both our bodies and minds.

Join us each Wednesday from 2pm – 5pm at Castle Kennedy Garden’s Silent Space in the Walled Garden. We encourage you to take a seat at one of the benches and soak up the surroundings, from the beautiful herbaceous borders to the views of the majestic castle ruin beyond. You may spot a bird over head or a hare might pass by, and the sound of birdsong will provide the perfect backdrop for a moment of tranquillity.


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