Visitors should also be aware that the ground conditions can be quite wet underfoot sometimes and therefore should come prepared. The ruins of the old Castle have been secured for the protection of the public. Please do not attempt to enter the ruins.

Dogs are welcome in the Gardens and expect them to be on a lead at all times. Dogs should be under control to avoid inconvenience to other visitors and disturbance of the wildlife.

The Gardens can take between 30 minutes and all day to visit. A guide map includes suggested routes and an estimate of how long each takes to complete is available from the shop at the entrance to the Gardens.

The Gardens enclose a field. Please do not attempt to short cut across the field as it is used for normal agricultural activities and the livestock contained in the field may not be friendly.

Visitors are welcome to take a picnic in the Gardens but are requested to ensure that all litter is removed afterward. Bins are available in the car parking area near the entrance to the Gardens.