Wildlife Viewing and Bird Hides

View our wonderful wildfowl and exciting array of wildlife from our two bird hides. One is sited on the White Loch shore, which is a Special Protection Area for its wading wildfowl. The other is on the Black Loch shore opposite the Heron Isle.

See if you can catch sight of our resident flock of Greylag Geese, a Heron, or one of our many varieties of Grebe. The Oystercatchers are a wonderful sight on the loch shore, and occasionally you might be able to spot a Kingfisher, Dipper or even an Osprey or an Otter.

The White Loch is internationally important for its wintering birds, such as the Greenland White Fronted Geese with up to 5% of the world population wintering with us.

Binoculars and guide books are available to hire or purchase from our Gift Shop.

Please keep in mind that all the animals you may encounter in the Gardens are wild. They should not be approached, petted or fed.

Resident flock of Greylag geese in flight

Mute swans on the White Loch

Wildlife Habitats

The 18th Century woodlands contain a wonderful mix of tree species, both native and introduced.

The mature trees provide perfect wildlife habitats for a wide variety of birdlife, from the tiny Goldcrest through to the larger Buzzard. In addition to the Finches, Tits, Thrushes and Warblers, you might spot some of our more memorable woodland inhabitants such as the Sparrowhawk, Spotted Woodpecker and the Pied Flycatcher.

Have a wander and see if you’re lucky enough to see Roe Deer, Stoat or some of our resident Otters.

Red squirrel at a feeding box

Curious otter


The farmland around Castle Kennedy Gardens is managed to provide ideal wildlife habitats, including hedgerows, small farm woods, field margins and ponds. In the distance you should be able to see our herd of Belted Galloway cattle, a heritage beef breed indigenous to the area, and our Black Faced Sheep.

Belted Galloway by Lochinch Castle

Black Face sheep on the Home Farm

Ranger Activities

We are delighted to be able to offer a full range of Garden Ranger activities throughout the season, which include activities and adventures for all ages based on a monthly theme. These events are based from our new Ranger Hut and aim to help visitors explore the Gardens, learn about the plants and wildlife, and enjoy arts and crafts. Click here for more information.

Our Castle Kennedy Ranger with some Young Explorers

Pond Dipping for newts at the Round Pond

Wildlife Observations

There’s a good chance that you might see some rare and elusive wildlife. If you do, please share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you and good luck.