Finally in the autumn, the changing colours of the leaves with the beautiful backdrop of Larch on the hills and mature Beech in the Gardens altogether make a visit to the Gardens a truly memorable experience.

Take a look at some of our glorious plants and flowers and when they bloom throughout the year:

Magnolia campbellii mollicomata in full show at Lochinch

The Magnolia campbellii mollicomata at Lochinch Castle and other Magnolias such as the stunning Magnolia Obovata at the Round Pond are in full show. Large leaved Rhododendrons, including Rhododendron Sinogrande and Falconeri should be in flower, examples of which may be seen below the Monkey Puzzle Avenue and within the area of the Pinetum. Daffodils are blooming in drifts throughout the Gardens.

Magical Rhododendrons in May

This is the best time for Rhododendron species and hybrids. The Pieris are showing brightly coloured young growths and the yellow Rhododendron Luteum are starting to flower and scent the air all over the Gardens. The Round Pond is surrounded with colourful Azaleas and Rhododendrons including a colossal Cynthia making a huge pink mass.

Embothrium, Chilean Firebush in flower

The Embothrium (Chilean Firebush) should be flowering, in particular by the Dancing Green. Other specimens of this splendid tree can be seen in the Dettingen Avenue and at the Canal Entrance. The Round Pond continues to be colourful with late hybrid Rhododendrons. The Walled Garden is coming into season with many interesting borders, including the main herbaceous borders.

The Walled Garden in colour

The season for Rhododendrons is nearly over. The wild Rhododendron ponticum and the last of the yellow Azaleas are much in evidence. The very late scented Crassum Rhododendrons on the outside of the Walled Garden opposite the Castle should also be flowering. The Walled Garden itself should be full of colour now and remain so through to September.

Eucryphia Namansay wreathed in a mass of bridal white flowers

The Walled Garden is at its best, in particular the main herbaceous borders. The Eucryphia are coming into flower. Particularly noteworthy are the nymansay specimens – the two facing out of the canal bridge at the entrance to the Gardens (40 feet high) and the one guarding the southern gates of the Walled Garden. There are others in the Gardens such as the Champion Eucrypia Cordifolia and they are also a feature of the Dancing Green at this time of year.