Sculptured Landforms

Giant’s Grave

This dramatic 118 metres long mound is so large it is easy to imagine a giant sleeping underneath it. Great fun to walk or run along, it is spectacular in the summer months when it is covered in wild Orchids and bright blue Scabiosas.

A path runs along the top, offering views of the Black Loch on one side and a semi-circle of lawn known as the ‘Dancing Green’ on the other. The lawn is surrounded by alternate plantings of Chilean Firebushes (Embothrium coccineum), which flower dramatically in June, and Eucryphia namansay, which flower in August.

The Giant’s Grave from the east


Mount Marlborough

The steep 10 metre high terracing created along the sides of the mound is impressive and exciting to explore if you like heights. The panoramic views of the Black Loch are a highlight. Nearby the Champion Rhododendron arboreum is worth seeing in full flower.

Autumn colour on Mount Marlborough


The Belvedere

The Belvedere, which means ‘beautiful view’, is situated such that from one vantage point one would have seen both lochs, the Round Pond, Castle Kennedy and Lochinch Castle. Despite the growth of many of the trees in the intervening 300 years, most of these points of interest are still visible from the Terraces today.

The Belvedere in May