Rockets and kites help launch a great family day!

The Garden Ranger Activities this year have been a GREAT family day! We started off the year with Pond Dipping and we found lots of frog-spawn, tadpoles and newts. People were also amazed to see their plastic bags transformed into colourful kites. They all flew really well and it was lovely to see such wonderful flying display. However possibly the most exciting flying experience were the rockets. The children made cool, elastic band rockets and watched the high flying lemonade bottle rockets.
Rockets3 April16
We created a special bird treat in the shape of a heart. It was a lovely, messy, noisy Ranger activity the children LOVED and the birds loved them too. One chaffinch could not wait till we had left and came round picking up the scattered seed from around the tables. The bees had a reason to thank us too when we made special bee homes so that they would pollinate all the Garden’s lovely flowers.

NatureArt4 April16
Nature Weaving used Castle Kennedy Garden‘s grass, twigs and flowers which are all abundant here. Everyone got a chance to show their skills and creativity. You can add to the Garden’s own large weaving if you visit too. On the scavenger hunt we found telephones, painted snakes, beautiful things and even numbers. However, we have also built camouflaged dens from materials found around the Garden. I wonder how many you can find?

We continue a great year with this weekend’s Garden Ranger arty activities Tree Faces and Create Leaf Art. We are really used to seeing faces everyday but what kind of face do you think trees have? Would they be smiling or frowning? Do they have big noses or crazy hair? Take a tree face home with you too.

One of the great things about Castle Kennedy Gardens is that there are leaves in so many different shapes, sizes and colours there. You can paint them, cut them, stitch them and stick them together to create great art works What are YOU going to choose to do with them?

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