Autumn Art

Castle Kennedy Garden Ranger Tree Faces Activity

Mud is fascinating stuff

It was a lovely blustery day for the last Garden Ranger’s activities. The smells of Autumn were in the air and the leaves were flying all over the place, what a riot of colour! There was lots of squishy mud for the Tree Faces activity and we didn’t stop with just faces either. There was a mud hedgehog, a mud owl and a mud butterfly too. When we came back to the tea room there was some clay to create more faces and shapes with too.

castle Kennedy Garden Ranger Leaf Art Activity

There were lots of things to do with our Autumn leaves

There were certainly lots of leaves around for my Leaf Art activity, we had difficulty keeping hold of the ones that we were using in the wind and had to chase after some of the paper that we were using too. Luckily we had some big buckets to keep our leaves from blowing away, still there were more to find. After trying to get the colour out of the leaves themselves we gave them more colour with paints and tried out leaf printing. Have you ever tried a hole punch on a leaf? It is a great way of  making a necklace, you make two holes and thread a piece of wool through them.

Castle Kennedy Garden Ranger Leaf Art Activity

Making a leaf crown

You can make it even more interesting if you punch shaped holes and we had a lot to choose from……..frogs were popular as were leaf shapes, cats and fish. We even moved from autumn to winter with snow flakes and Santa shaped holes. We added some card into the mix as we made cards, masks and crowns too. To the children who helped me tidy up even washing brushes and paint pots, Thank you!

As Autumn advances we will see even more colour in the leaves. The next activity, Autumn Art, will see us getting out into the gardens in search of some of the wonderful shapes and textures too. Our autumn art might not last for long but we will try and take photos of it before it blows away. Possibly we should do that with our Heart Shaped Bird Feeders too as I am sure that the birds won’t take long to eat them. Look out for even more activities in the October holidays, including the new Pumpkin Trail and I hope to see you soon.

Castle Kennedy garden Ranger Activity

Great activitiy if you love feeding birds

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