Creative Places! LEAF it to the imagination!

Fun, family outdoor activities are great as we move into Autumn and I am looking forward to our October holiday events! The other morning was lovely as we managed to find a couple of good, muddy areas and when we dug down, the mud was perfect for not only making mud faces on the trees but also for sculpting. We made three dimensional faces and even MUD PEOPLE that we decorated with leaves and took back with us.

There are SO many colourful leaves and natural materials from the Gardens to use for Autumn crafts, everyone got really creative in the afternoon. We used the HUGE leaves that I found last time, punching and cutting interesting shapes from them, to use on cards. We also used these leaves to make Autumn hangings, along with others, that had been blown off the nearby trees. One girl worked really hard to make a fairy from clay which donned skeleton leaves for wings. Wonder if she’ll be there when we’re back for the next family event!

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