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Sweet Dreams

It was great fun turning plastic bags into kites. Thank you to those who came were helping look after our environment. The afternoon’s Garden Ranger activity was creating dream catchers so I had a great night’s sleep afterwards. Hopefully everyone else did too. I bet most people’s dreams were filled with flowers as the Gardens were looking beautiful. It was really peaceful in the sunshine because everyone was busy creating their dreamcatchers. I had lots of helpers who searched the gardens for feathers, cones and interesting leaves to add to our creations. 

Sweet dreams with this dreamcatcher

Sweet dreams

Recycling is important to helping your environment

Just like turning plastic shopping bags into kites instead of throwing them away the next two Garden Ranger activities are going to help look after your environment too. The Garden Ranger has been collecting plastic straws and drinks bottles from people who don’t want them so that she can recycle them into Tooteroos and other noise makers. We will make tooting tooteroos to be like the trumpets of our recycling orchestra. Shakers for the rhythm section  and the bass will come from our balloon bassoons. 

Creating biodiversity is good for helping your environment

After that we will be helping look after our environment by adding to the biodiversity of the gardens. We will need your help building a home for the Garden’s minibeasts. Although the minibeasts are small we are going to be making a big hotel for lots of them to live in. This needs a lot of good team work to move all the heavy stuff like pallets, bricks and logs. Plus we need some people who know how to drill and chop things up too. Who will live in the penthouse on the top floor? Will it be the bees, spiders, woodlice or millipedes? There will be lots of different layers for them to choose from. Maybe some of them will prefer the bricks and slates in the bottom layers or the logs, branches and twigs in the middle. 

I hope that you will be able to come along help your environment and enjoy Castle Kennedy Gardens too. Remember that you can join in other events that are happening in the Gardens too.

Helping look after your environment by making a minibeast hotel

Many skills are needed for making minibeasts a hotel

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