Painting with earth and get arty..

We were half scientist and half artists when we were Painting with Earth in my last morning activity.

Looking for, and collecting the ingredients was all part of the fun! We filled lots of test tubes with the things we thought would make good colours. Then ground it all up to make the pigment and mixed it with the goo to make our paint. Everyone was AMAZED at the different colours that we made just from earth which we’d collected from different places. I think that the black paint made from charcoal was our favourite, but we even had one flower that was purple and it made green paint when it was mixed up!

It was lucky that it was raining for the afternoon activity as it meant that at the bottom of the sloes near to the Loch there was lots of lovely mud! There were both happy and sad faces but these belonged to those created out of mud and painted onto the trees. We had faces with wild leaf hair and some with green grass beards and even glasses too. The adults seemed to enjoy walking through the puddles and digging up mud to make the faces as much as the children did. Altogether a fun and arty day in Castle Kennedy Gardens. LOOK OUT and see if you can spot any of the mud faces as you walk around.

Coming up next………….. shelters and den building, I wonder if any dens from last time will still be there?


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