Ranger activities flying high

My Garden Ranger activities have had a high flying theme recently even the pond dipping. Did you know that pond beetles can fly? it is not just them either many of the pond creatures change from underwater larvae to flying creatures. Can you imagine what that is like? Dragonflies are a good example spending years under water growing bigger and bigger and emerge finally as the flying adults we all know. Our family pond dipping activities were a great success again with one family coming to both the morning and afternoon sessions because they were so delighted to have been the only people to catch an adult newt in the morning.

Continuing with the flying theme we changed plastic bags into colourful and high flying kites. We did our bit to help the environment and had fun too. It is a great healthy activity too as there is lots of running involved in keeping the kites flying from both the children and the parents.

High flying plastic bag kites

Plastic Bag Kites are great fun

In the afternoon we moved on to the rockets! First we tried out some shop bought rockets and had a challenge to see how far we could make them fly. Then we started design and make our own. It is amazing how high you can blow a straw rocket, they reached the roof of the activity tent. We then created some rockets powered by elastic bands, these take a bit more mastering to get the launch right but we definitely had them flying above the tea room roof. Next came my home made lemonade bottle rockets, the highest flying of them all! These flew higher than the castle to the cheers of the crowd.

Get arty with our September Ranger activities. With Autumn coming there will be lots of colourful leaves of all shapes and colours to use in Castle Kennedy Garden’s next Ranger activities. Give some of our trees a make over with tree faces and create some unique leaf art on Sunday the 11th September.  On the 25th you can celebrate Autumn with an Autumn Art Attack and you can make your birds a special heart shaped Autumn treats that will help them through the winter. Look out for all the fantastic family days out in the October School Holidays too!

Autumn Art Attack

Autumn Art Attack


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