The Gardens in Bloom

The spring flowers are dead – long live the summer flowers! Well, not quite. Snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells may be gone but they’re not dead yet. If you’re sharp you can still spot them photosynthesising… know what that is? Why not tell us @CastleKennedyGs won’t be around for much longer though and in their place we can welcome the joyful sight of red campion, pignut, buttercups, bedstraws, eyebrights, thyme, stonecrops.

It’s also a good time to keep a keen eye on your local hedgerows for plants like cow parsley, hedge ivy, hogweed and many others and of course… grass. There are many different species of grass and, let’s be honest grass is boring. Well maybe to some people but not to me! Did you know that grasses first appeared on earth about 55 – 60 million years ago, so any films showing dinosaurs grazing peacefully on grass have got it wrong!

Dinosaurs grazing at Castle Kennedy Gardens in the 17th Century… True or False?

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