We built mini dens for our toy animals!

When we got ready to make our mini-dens we spent some time thinking about what we needed to shelter us from the wind and rain. We tried out my emergency shelter and made one between two trees before the children (and adults) got stuck in making their own mini-dens for all my toy animals.

We were under the trees and no one seemed to mind when it started raining a little bit. We even got to use the shelters for real as the rain got harder and the children kept us entertained with stories about their animals and their dens. Some of us managed to catch raindrops on our tongues and fingernails as we went back to the Garden Tea Room.

Later we got REALLY WET as we hunted for bears. The great thing was that we didn’t have to look far to find water to splash and splosh in or mud to squelch in. We decided that instead of a snow storm we would have a rain storm and that it went ‘drip’, ‘drop’. And after all that we found lots of bears hiding in the woods but we weren’t scared!

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