Summer Fun

Cast aside your image of a typical ‘garden tour group!’ Castle Kennedy Gardens is a great place to just let rip! And rip they did!

Curiosity, energy, imagination – all the name of the game with little ones and it’s fun learning with them. Tree bark? Oh no, it’s a ‘secret map’ Boring old ruins? Castle Kennedy’s the home of ancient Kings and Queens who may even still live there; just who is teaching who? Think Alice in Wonderland and you get another perspective too! We had (sort of) theme of big. Big flowers, big trees, big loch, big birds, big walk. I suppose when you are that high everything is big! Big fun too!

Hot sunny weather and we can all relax – well up to a point! Some of our garden visitors – large groups – arrive @CastleKennedyGds and stay all day. I love taking families out on pond dipping sessions since they change all the time according to the seasons and there’s always something different to spot. Nursery school visits are something else though! My last group stormed in at 10am and were away by 11 – juice and biscuits included. How we fitted in grasshoppers, along with bees feeding on rhododendron blooms, smelling flowers and chatting about why monkey puzzle trees were NOT good for climbing on… Hectic

Waving cheerio to our enthusiastic nursery group… someone suddenly discovers they’ve lost their rucksack, thinks he has left it in the ‘duck hut’, so it’s a fast walk for me down to the bird hide (from where he had indeed been watching ducks) to retrieve the missing bag. Success, it’s found! Off they go. Cup of tea time methinks! Great fun.

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