We were lucky with  lovely weather again when I was finishing up for the season with my October holiday Garden Ranger activities. We had lots of artists creating paintings with natural materials on our ‘Painting with Earth’ activity. It was great to see that it wasn’t just the children who were being creative – the adults joined in too!

First we collected colourful autumn leaves from around us and using rolling pins, hammers and stones we squished out the colours, creating leaf shapes for special autumn cards. Next we ground our own pigments from the soil, bark and stones in the Gardens and made them into paint. There were leaf prints with leaf glitter and we used leaves, twigs and fingers as paint brushes in our creations. I asked what people liked best and there didn’t seem to be anything someone had not liked…..some people liked hammering the leaves the best, some the gloopy paint that we made, some using their fingers and hands to paint with and some liked being given the cards as a special Autumn present.

Most families stayed until after lunch to hunt for minibeasts too and so to round off our Minibeast Adventure we created some more art with a long wiggly worm made from sticks, a slimy green slug, a millipede and a spider made from leaves….. and ALL with the correct number of legs!

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