Melted marshmallows and skeleton leaves!

Melted marshmallows were a great hit at my recent fire activities, as was the fire itself, of course. It was a lovely day although fires always remind me of Autumn. Some of Garden’s leaves are starting to change colour and they will only be getting more colourful over the next few weeks. Remembering my Autumn activities during the October holidays, I went on a search for some skeleton leaves I had noticed left over from last year. The minibeasts eat the main ‘leaf’ leaving the tougher ribs, veins and stalk creating a leaf skeleton. There was one spot where there were lots!

As I came back I met a group of visitors who thought that the leaves looked like fairies wings, and I have to say that they were so light and delicate, they could have been. We got to discussing the Garden’s red squirrels too as they had seen one on their walk. Red squirrels like the quieter corners of the Garden where there are lots of cones and fungi to eat along with places to hide. It is not unusual to hear leaves falling as they move around in the trees or to catch site of them on the ground when they are hiding food for later, colder times. Other visitors had enjoyed seeing all the resident geese which will soon be joined by their wild relatives. It is so lovely to see and hear them as they fly overhead.

I hope you will join me on my next Garden Ranger activity involves MUD!

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